San Francisco receives more than 16 million tourists each year, with the numbers expected to increase in the future. This large influx of tourist is a solid testament to the many interesting sites found in the city. If you are considering a visit to the City by the Bay, be sure to visit the following top must-see sites in the area.

The Golden Gate Bridge

The Golden Gate Bridge once held the title for the tallest and highest bridge in existence. Today, it serves as the most popular landmark of San Francisco and practically defines the city.

Tourists can use the sidewalks of the bridge during the daytime; vista points can be accessed through the northern and southern part of the bridge for a breathtaking view of the bay.

Cable Car Ride

This popular mode of transportation offers a cheap and fun way to explore the main parts of the city. Tourists can experience what it's like to literally hang off the side of the cable car as it breezes in and out of the metropolis.

Coit Tower

This tower stands amidst the buildings and is said to resemble a nozzle. Climbing to the top gives you an unobstructed and enjoyable view of the city. Aside from the vista, however, the Coit Tower also contains vivid murals that were compiled in 1933.

Pier 39

Pier 39 is a great way to end a tour of San Francisco, as it offers both food and attraction in great abundance. Here, tourists can get up close and personal with sea lions, and then follow it up with a hearty meal at the restaurant of their choice.

Pier 39 is surrounded by water and offers multiple attractions for kids, couples, and friends. The local shops are also extensive and sell a wide array of items, including souvenirs.


A hotbed for science lovers, the Exploratorium is described as a museum for art, science and human perception. In here, individuals can explore a wide range of technological advances, including sneaking a peek at the Mars Rover, or gaining an understanding of living systems. It is unlike anything else in the world, with exhibits that encourage visitors to learn and participate.


Originally a high security prison, Alcatraz is now a historical landmark open for all tourists. Located in an island, visitors are given free rein to explore the gardens and cell blocks once occupied by criminals. A quick exploration can provide tourists with a glimpse of prison life as it was between 1934 through 1963.

California Academy of Sciences

Found at Golden Gate Park, the Academy functions as a natural history museum combined with a planetarium and an aquarium.

Although there is lots to see in the Academy, many tourists look forward to the plant-blanketed eco roof housing an aquarium and a rainforest dome!

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