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Experience Maine with Coastal Kayaking Tours

Are you an avid kayaker? Do you love to travel? Are you searching for a way to experience sea kayaking while taking in the scenic views of the Eastern US coast? Then sea kayaking in Maine is right up your alley. Set your sites for the Maine. It has a striking coastline and waters sure to satisfy any kayaker. Instead of arbitrarily dropping your kayak in the sea off of Maine's coast, take a moment to consider the services of Coastal Kayaking Tours. Located in Bar Harbor, Maine this outfitter provides guided sea kayaking tours. The company has been in the kayak business for over twenty years and promotes an atmosphere of fun and adventure. Have you just started kayaking and are hesitant about paddling on the sea coast? Do not worry. Coastal Kayaking Tours provides kayak tours for kayakers of all levels. They have sunset and harbor trips as well as extended camping adventures. Looking for shooter trips? They have half day and full day trips available. Do you want to kayak with your family or are you planning a company retreat? Family and group kayaking tour packages are also offered. All kayaking levels and trip plans can be accommodated through Coastal Kayaking Tours. Are you new to kayaking and need to purchase a kayak? Coastal Kayaking Tours sells used kayaks that are affordable and of high quality....

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Places to Visit in San Francisco

San Francisco receives more than 16 million tourists each year, with the numbers expected to increase in the future. This large influx of tourist is a solid testament to the many interesting sites found in the city. If you are considering a visit to the City by the Bay, be sure to visit the following top must-see sites in the area. The Golden Gate Bridge The Golden Gate Bridge once held the title for the tallest and highest bridge in existence. Today, it serves as the most popular landmark of San Francisco and practically defines the city. Tourists can use the sidewalks of the bridge during the daytime; vista points can be accessed through the northern and southern part of the bridge for a breathtaking view of the bay. Cable Car Ride This popular mode of transportation offers a cheap and fun way to explore the main parts of the city. Tourists can experience what it's like to literally hang off the side of the cable car as it breezes in and out of the metropolis. Coit Tower This tower stands amidst the buildings and is said to resemble a nozzle. Climbing to the top gives you an unobstructed and enjoyable view of the city. Aside from the vista, however, the Coit Tower also contains vivid murals that were compiled in 1933. Pier 39 Pier 39 is a great...

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Adventure Travel In Australia

Adventure travel developed as a segment of the tourism market during the latter half of the 20th century out of the more general traditional notion of outdoor recreation. Adventure travel differs from from earlier forms of outdoor recreation, however, in that it offers travelers greater opportunities to experience specific physical activities (eg. rock climbing, diving, snow-boarding, kayaking, abseiling) that involve greater levels of skill and, within acceptable limits, risk. With traditional outdoor recreation, the primary attraction is the specific setting: with adventure travel, however, travelers are attracted primarily by the activities offered. Adventure travel is therefore primarily associated with travel products where the primary purpose is to engage in activity and participatory experience rather than the more passive sightseeing associated with traditional outdoor tourism. The travel industry has evolved considerably since the 1970s. Changes include sociodemographic shifts which have seen a growth both the disposable income and available leisure time of many travelers. Travelers generally have become more discerning, have more travel experience, and have come to enjoy the benefits of cheaper, more convenient transport and other technological advances. As a result, substantial changes occurred in the demand for international travel products. The 1990s saw rapid growth in the evolution of specific segments of the tourism market including ecotourism, nature tourism and other special interest tourism which catered for the new breed of sophisticated traveler with both the means...

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Hawaii an Exceptional Destination According to American Express Travel and Ask Doc Travel

Hawaii is rated one of the most popular vacation destination for American travelers by Ask Doc Travel. The destination is also quite popular with American Express Vacations. But why? What makes this destination so wonderful? For those of us who have traveled to Hawaii, there are so many reasons to visit that we become muddled, answering only “What do you mean what’s so great about Hawaii?” Well, here are some things to keep in mind when you speak of the many wonders which make Hawaii such a popular destination. Hawaii is comprised of eight islands. These islands are natural wonders that were created in the middle of the ocean by underwater volcanoes. As the magma from these volcanoes cooled, they hardened into rocks. These rock formations became the Hawaiian Islands. The volcanic phenomenon created Hawaii’s famous black sand beaches and the rich soil from which springs the islands lush vegetation. These main islands are Niihau, Kauai , Oahu, Molokai, Lanai, Kahoolawe, Maui, and Hawaii. The island Hawaii is the largest, and is sometimes called the “Big Island” or “Big Isle”. This phenomenon created Hawaii’s famous black sand beaches and the rich soil from which springs the islands lush vegetation. The climate of Hawaii is one more reason why these islands remain a popular vacation destination. The weather is more moderate than typical tropical areas because of the cooling effect...

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Single Traveler? Cruising Makes Connecting Easy

Many single travelers wonder if cruise travel is right for them. Will it be like the TV series "The Love Boat," where romance and naughtiness ruled the waves? Or will you be outnumbered by older couples in ball gowns and tuxedos? The reality is that cruising is ideal for people traveling alone because it's a safe and easy way to meet other people. So what's holding you back? Who goes and what it costs Singles cruising has come a long way from the days when doddering widows sailed off to sea with a good book and a ball of yarn. Today's single cruisers range in age from their early 20s to their late 70s, and they come from all walks of life. Some cruise to get away from it all, others to meet and mingle. In fact, the singles demographic aboard ship is pretty much what you'll find shoreide; the only difference is that the cruisers are on vacation. There are two options for single cruisers: going alone or joining an organized tour group for singles. Going alone gives you some freedom and privacy, but it costs more because of the 'single supplement'. This supplement is an adjustment to the published cruise fare that compensates the cruise line for the loss of double occupancy in the stateroom. The supplement can be quite high, as much as double the regular...

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