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Climate Change – Ian Bishop

Now, I’m English. No people in the world talk about the weather as much as the English. That’s because we have so very much of it. In fact, look at the word I used. Other countries, regions, people talk about “climate”. England has “weather”. “Climate” implies an unchanging, or slowly changing set of conditions. “Weather” implies rapid change, unpredictability. One reason why Britain, especially England, pioneered short-haul package holidays back in the 1950s was a serious need for sun and warmth for a few uninterrupted days every year. We loved, and still do love to head off to Spain, France, Turkey, or indeed anywhere with “climate”. Anywhere we can guarantee a week or so of uninterrupted warmth and sunshine. Unfortunately, so great is the demand for holidays in the sun that we British tend to flood en masse to seaside holiday resorts where we spend all our time among other Brits, eating (mostly) British food, and getting (often) badly burned by the sun to which we are (largely) unaccustomed! The reason why Britain seems to have such an obsession with the sun is easy to see when you look at a map of the world. First, we’re perched out on the western edge of Europe, exposed to the gales of the North Atlantic Ocean. Secondly, look how far north we are. London is in the deep south of England,...

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Choosing the Right Recruitment Process Outsourcing Provider- Points to Remember

Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) quite simply means outsourcing your company’s recruitment process, either in entirety or parts of it to an external service provider. The Recruitment Process Outsourcing Company that you select can provide the skills, tools and solutions to carry out the recruitment process cost-effectively, systematically and with no disturbance to your core processes and the staff involved in them. One clear advantage of RPO is the obvious cost saving that it offers in addition to ensuring the best quality of recruitment. A recent industry survey indicated that Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) is now being increasingly adopted by companies in order to answer multiple calculated needs, making it the new buzz word in town. The study revealed that the immediate need for tactical recruiting in this economically challenging time along with the strategic advantage of planning and sustainable progress were the major reasons why most companies are opting for Recruitment Process outsourcing (RPO). Since recruitment is a labor-intensive as well as a recurring process, it can cost a lot of time, energy and money to your company. It can be a major overhead in both capital as well as time, especially in these difficult times. You may have a large number of vacancies at a specific team annually, requiring diverse and wide ranging skills and experience. Hiring a capable team first that can then source and recruit such...

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SECURITY OF VoIP versus Traditional Telephony – What are the threats and how to overcome them

VOIP Security WHAT IS PSTN?PSTN or POTS which stands for Public Switch Telephone Network is the standard telephone connection to the majority of us today, and has been the sole providing system since the telephone made its way to the users. These systems have dedicated lines (circuit switched) and are governed by technical standards created by the International Telecommunications Union (ITU-T). WHAT IS VoIP?This is a protocol which is optimized for the transmission of voice through the internet. It is referred to as IP telephony, Internet telephony, cvoice over broadband, broadband telephony and broadband phone. There is a suite of IP-based communications service and provides multimedia communications over the IP networks (which internet is a part of, but not limited to such). VOIP operates over any IP network and not just the internet and it provides a low-cost alternative to PSTN calling system. PSTN versus VoIPPublich Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) uses a SS7 signaling protocol (Signaling System # 7) and is a circuit-switched network (ATM/Frame relay). It is a pretty expensive infrastructure based system but provides reliable quality of transmission. Voice Over IP (VoIP) uses SIP, H.232, RTP and more protocols for its transmission of data. It is a packet switched network system which is based on a converged infrastructure, and has up till now at least a unreliable quality of transmission, and highly dependent upon where you and...

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Make Hosted PBX Your Next Investment

Gone are the days when lots of hardware was used in the thinking machine to make it updated to the technological advancements. When the software came into the picture, there was always a worry about the updating of the software in question so that they keep working properly. The arrival of hosted PBX has made it possible for the user to be free of the complex hardware or the various updation of the software. It can be incorporated in your local or toll free numbers. It means that the same interface existing in your conventional phone systems can be used. Similar to your traditional phones, the features of IP PBX include the attractive features like auto attendant, call forwarding, voicemail, fax, call conferencing, caller identity, music on hold and much more. The first feature is quite interesting because it eradicates the need of additional staff to deal with the calls not attended by the person concerned. The required greetings are involved in the auto-mated message along with the instructions of the further extensions. The computer generated message asks you if you want to dial by name, extension, or some other person. Multiple calls can be handled by IP PBX and therefore everything is operated in the professional manner. Truly, it will give a boost to the communication systems in the organisations. The office communication is quite different from the...

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