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Why Am I Suffering From Sever Fatigue?

Question: I am a 31-year-old mother of two. For the past two years I have felt unwell. I suffer from severe fatigue, bloating headaches, palpitations, low libido, anxiety and I haven’t had a period for nearly a year. The registrar at the local hospital thinks I may have polycystic ovaries (l am waiting for test results). Could you offer me any advice? Answer: From what you describe, it seems you have what I call ‘Ali syndrome’. This centres on problems with your neck, which is the gateway between your brain and your body. The problems can be triggered by stress, a whiplash injury or fall, working at a computer, driving, insomnia or sleeping with two pillows. As a result, some of the vertebrae in the neck become slightly displaced, compressing the vertebral arteries that carry blood to the brain, so the blood supply to the base of the brain is diminished. This part of the brain controls heart rate, breathing, the release of hormones via the pituitary gland, balance, sleep, emotions, vision, hearing and other neurological and emotional functions. If this area is malfunctioning it can lead to a host of problems such as you describe. Regarding the possibility of polycystic ovaries: the pituitary gland controls the reproductive hormones. If it produces an excess of follicle-stimulating hormone, this may result in stimulation of the ovarian follicles. Which lead to...

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The Salvation Deception

Much of the pain and hardship Inherent Christians go through trying to have relational experiences with other Christians within the traditional church setting can find at its root this cause. They are actually trying to have relationships with people on an equal standing who are still unregenerate and do not have the grace of God operating in their lives. Asking an unregenerate or unsaved person to act like a Christian is worse than asking someone with laryngitis to speak up. If a person has not received the divine influence on their heart yet which makes us born again, no amount of trying to live right or act right will result in salvation. They will not have within them the grace to walk in love with others. They will not have within them the peace that can trust God when all hell breaks out against the church. Church Hoppers When we served the body of Christ as ministers holding church meetings on the Gold Coast Queensland Australia I found it astounding that Christian churches could lose members sometimes hundreds at a time out of what seemed some whim or fancy taking hold of a person and spreading like wild fire. Time and time again. How could those who are God ordained to be connected in relationship with others, all of a sudden for no substantial reason other than a surface...

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Hypnotic Regression—How Can You Prove It's Real?

A skeptical woman (Patti) asked me yesterday how I could prove to her that a hypnotic regression to any earlier time in life was not just a story that the mind manufactured. I asked if she had a particular story in mind that she was questioning, and she did. She had heard that a friend of a friend, had been hypnotically regressed, remembering things in her childhood, and then in a past life. Patti doesn’t believe in reincarnation, and isn’t sure she believes in hypnosis. She said, “I’ve seen those shows where somebody is clucking like a chicken, and it just doesn’t look like that’s real.” I explained that “stage hypnosis” is for entertainment purposes. However, the subjects who are hypnotized often seek the therapeutic assistance of the hypnotist afterwards, having become “believers” as a consequence of the show. Explaining that I had first-hand experience using hypnosis to work with and resolve phobic reactions got Patti’s attention. She hadn’t told me what she wanted help with, but I suspected the questions had a purpose—to let her believe this therapy may help her. Since she questioned whether hypnosis was even possible, we discussed the very basics of what hypnosis is and how it works, then I suggested that we first focus on present life experiences. I told her of the time my wife had been regressed to the age of...

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Learn How To Stop Arguing With Your Wife

Arguing with your wife is never pleasant. In fact constant arguing is one of the worst things which can happen in any relationship. If the constant arguing does not stop then this may lead to a breakdown of the relationship.Now due to the very fact that you are reading this article you as a husband want to know how to stop arguments with your wife. Well thats good because stopping arguments is really quite easy once you understand why arguments happen in the first place.And arguments happen because men and women are different and communicate differently.Men say what they mean. If they are happy they say so. If they are sad, they will also tell you.A woman does not communicate in such a straight forward matter. With women you need to understand that they are in fact speaking in code most of the time and you need to guess the secret meaning of what they are really trying to say.Now that you know this, stopping arguments and, even better, never having them in the first place is a peice of cake. For example, you want to watch the football in the evening:Wife: Why are you watching the football again. You never spend any time with me!You: What do you mean i never spenD time with you. We were together all weekend. Wife: No you don’t, all you care about is football...

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Encounter With The Paranormal Entities

It is quite late in the night while I am writing the second part of this article series. This incident took place near Alwar. Alwar is a district which lies on NH-8 from Jaipur to Delhi. You have to take a side road towards Sariska en-route to Alwar.  This route is famous for notorious activities of ghostly entities. This was not known to me. I actually belong to Rajgarh which is a small town of Alwar district. My great grandfather was the “Riyasatdar” of Rajgarh.  He was the chief of the land of ‘Rajagarh’ and was responsible for revenue extraction from the area. He was married four times with every wife alive and living with him. It was the will of the God that he has only two sons. They             were born to the last wife and one of them Thakur.Kishan singh ji Baraith was my grandfather. My grandfather was a devotee to God and never liked the idea of ‘Lagan’ or revenue as it was unlawful. So he left my Great Grandfather Thakur. Ratan  Singh ji at a very tender age. I am telling you all this because my whole narration is related to this. My grandfather then came to Alwar. The king of Alwar Shri.Sawai Singh Ji knew my grandfather and was aware of his lineage. So he offered him the job of “Ziladar” in irrigation department....

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