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Month: September 2017

Learn About Improving Your Leadership Skills Here

How do you view leadership, and what do you think are the greatest qualities of a leader? It is always important to gain a better perspective as to how you can better lead those around you. Keep reading so that you can find out some helpful strategies that can make you a more effective leader. Don’t shift the blame for mistakes to others. Subordinates, outside contractors, and plenty of other people within the organization can cause a business transaction to go wrong. If you try to shift the blame, you will lose the confidence of your customers and they won’t patronize your business any longer. If you have an employee that goes above and beyond the call of duty, do not hesitate to give them extra praise and rewards. Even though it may seem like you are playing favorites, you are giving them what they deserve. Be open with other employees about it so they are aware of what rewards come with hard work. As a leader, you need to create a joyful atmosphere. Nobody wants to work in a place that is full of negativity. You must work to discover the possibilities in every situation and try to enjoy yourself every day. Remain positive and help others remain positive. Know that you can create something wonderful with your team. Give people reasons to trust you. As a leader,...

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Mudras & Hand Symbolism: What are Mudras? Part 2

[Note: This paper contains images which may be seen as originally published at our website] The Various Traditions In these series of articles we shope to describe the mudra practices to be found in various religious practices, such as in Buddhism, and Hinduism; and in various countries rich in cultural traditions as for instance, Japan, India, China, Tibet, and Indonesia. Mudra teachings are also to be found in Christianity and in the Egyptian tradition. Contemporary development of Runic lore has also its own version of hand-gestures designed to offer psychic benefits. We will describe some of these and teach how our readers may put these mudras into practice to assist their spiritual unfoldment and the improvement of their mundane lives. Regrettably, there are many powerful mudras to be found in mystical schools and traditions that we have not been able to get access to and thus present in these articles. For instance, Chen Yen or Shingon Buddhism, which is considered as an esoteric tradition, has a rich heritage on mudra practices. These mudras are performed in conjunction with mantras and the visualization of mandalas. According to their doctrines, mudras, mantras, and mandalas represent body, speech, and mind. Chen Yen Buddhism teaches that the culture of these three aspects of the microcosm leads the practitioner to a higher spiritual state of being. Another Buddhist school that teaches mudras is the...

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Afterlife Materialism

What will you do with your materialism when you pass? It is a reality that our world is driven by materialism, which unfortunately is a very real cause of distention between people. It is my belief that it has also caused problems between families nations and countries. How much longer do we need to continue on this path of destruction. Rather than being happy for an individual achieving something, whether It be wealth or success. Most individuals create a deep hatred and distain for that person. It is this negative emotion that multiplies like a cancer through the body and throughout the world. I was witness to the jealousy between several individuals because of the material issues surrounding them. Where is the joy in seeing someone happy? Let’s face facts, you cannot take the wealth with you or your material benefits from the earth plane. Money is a benefit that is steeped in evil, yet it is not the money that causes it, but the greed of the individual. If your soul has to fly, to be free and untainted by the bonds of materialism in this plane, it should disregard the heavy chains of materiality and instead seek a balance between what is needed, desired and provided. When you eventually pass to the other side of life, there will be no need to have these trinkets around you....

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JFK Airport

JFK Airport or John F. Kennedy International Airport is located in the heart of Queens borough of New York. It is only about 15 miles away from Midtown Manhattan. JFK is the international gateway to the US for commercial flights. It is also known as the John F. Kennedy International Airport was originally opened as the New York International Airport in 1948. The name was changed to John F. Kennedy International Airport in 1963 after the late president of the United States. It is one of the busiest airports in the country. It is New York's largest airport. Over 30 million people fly in and out of this airport each year. It has 9 terminals and serves over 80 airlines. If you fly into New York for a visit, chances are that you will go to John F Kennedy Airport "where America meets the world." JFK Location: JFK is located in the Queens borough of New York City about 15 miles southeast from Midtown Manhattan. JFK Airport Terminals: There is one Central terminal surrounded by all of the other terminals. Each of the separate terminals has its own parking lot and each is color coded to differentiate it from the other terminals. Terminal 1: Green Color Terminal 2: Green color Terminal 3: Green Color Terminal 4: Blue Color Terminal 5: Yellow Color Terminal 6: Yellow Color Terminal 7: Orange...

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Blue Force Tracking – What is it and why does it rely on GPS Technology?

The term, Blue Force, is becoming common place in the world of GPS Tracking.   Blue Force refers to ‘friendly forces’ in the military – so as the term suggests, Blue Force Tracking is all about keeping track of your own men via the use of GPS Tracking technology. Blue Force Tracking (BFT) Systems are essentially made up of a GPS Tracking Device, a network of satellites and a central system / server / computer (call it what you may) that logs and interprets the data.  Combine the three individual pieces of technology and you have a solution that makes up a BFT system. A BFT System can also be known under a different name.  Some systems might be advertised as Situational Command and Control Platforms (also known as Tactical Systems).  These systems also come with a complete communications platform and can be used for emergency response teams who need to react quickly to crisis management situations.  Due to the nature of the military, it is not unreasonable to expect a Blue Force Tracking System to have to monitor up to 10,000 ‘assets’ at any one time. A Blue Force Asset could be many things, from personnel on the ground to ships or aircraft.  It could be a piece of artillery or even a building.  It is also possible that a Blue Force Tracking system could be used to locate...

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